Friday, April 9, 2010

Low I.Q. equals job security...

One evening we were toned out for to stage for law enforcement for a stabbing. After waiting a few minutes for PD to clear the scene we were called in. We parked at the large apartment complex and the boys in blue flagged us into the correct apartment. They were all chuckling. When I got inside the house I was brought to my patient. A 19y/o male with tats, nose ring, Pantera shirt, and his sagging jean shorts were now all the way to his ankles. He looked embarrassed.

I introduced myself and my partner and asked what happened and where he was hurt. He twisted around to show me the 2 inch wide stab wound to his left buttock that was bleeding through his boxers. And I kid you not he said, "My friend has a cool sword so I was like look, I'm Bruce Lee, I flashed the sword around and suddenly it stabbed me in my butt."

I informed him that the sword had not in fact stabbed him, that he had stabbed himself. The wound needed stitches but he would be ok. I looked up and noticed another guy in handcuffs and asked the cops if he was involved.

The officer laughed and said, "Nope, because it came out as a stabbing we had to clear the scene and found his buddy's pot grow in the back. Guess it's a two-fer."

It was very hard not to laugh all the way to the hospital.

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